Pilar Troncoso

Pilar Troncoso

Digital, Blockchain and Crypto Pioneer • Award Winning Fintech Woman • Serial Entrepreneur • Advisory Board Member

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Entrepreneur, Active Investor, Strategic Alliances and Corporate AffairsA late adopter digital freak!An Anglo-Spanish Senior Manager with analytical and leadership skills and a resolute track record within Digital Transformation, Business Development Processes, Financial Accountancy, Human Resources and both Internal and External Communications.My past professional experiences have encouraged me to explore and get involved with the digital transformation that all organisations are now, or soon to be experiencing. My aim is to put sense and order into this transformation (specially in the business side) and to look for value proposition, always planning in accordance to the effects that transformation has in the different departments of organizations.ACHIEVEMENTS:Experience in applying agile methodologies and innovation processes.Design and development of new joint-venture companies and various Business Development succeses.Objective and reliable selection process.Strict financial and budget controls.Promotion and marketing of multiple consultancy services.Advisory at various insurance mergers and acquisitions.Respected Accountancy Lecturer (Post-Graduate level). Twelve years experience in PwC.

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