Francesco Andreolí

Francesco Andreolí

Head of Developer Community at Consensys

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Francesco Andreoli is currently leading the developer community efforts at ConsenSys. He is an ETH Engineer and digital Entrepreneur who has been active in Switzerland, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria and the United States with a strong developer relation and developer ambassador focus.

He has been a mentor at TechStars, Angelhack, The Hult prize among several other startup accelerators and incubation programs around the world. He started his career as an Engineer and since 2019 he is actively investing with Oui capital in pre-seed startups active in sub-Saharan Africa countries.

He has a Msc & Bsc degree in mechanical engineering from ETH Zürich and master’s in international business from Hult Business School.

He is fluent in 6 different languages and enjoys working in emerging markets. Passionate about hackathon, DAOs and developer ecosystems. 

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