Carlota Hernández Gil

Carlota Hernández Gil

Head of Marketing Onyze | Digital Assets & Banking

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After starting her professional journey at a strategic design firm focused on innovation, Carlota quickly rose to lead the marketing and communication departments in B2B and B2C markets. Over the course of seven years, they spearheaded groundbreaking strategies that propelled brands to unprecedented levels of success.

In 2018, driven by her creativity and entrepreneurial vision, She launched her own fashion brand, showcasing her passion for pushing boundaries.

In the ever-evolving landscape, Carlota has redirected her expertise toward the thrilling realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. As the Head of Marketing at Onyze, the first Spanish digital asset custody company, they lead marketing strategies for crypto and DeFi projects. Onyze offers a pioneering "CaaS" (Custody as a Service) solution, providing easy, secure, and regulated access to the crypto sector for other businesses.

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