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Empowered Women in the Crypto World: Success Stories and Entrepreneurship

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8 Jul
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Main Stage
Eugenia Dunaeva
Eugenia Dunaeva
Meta Partnerships Director, Angel investor, Crypto investor
Ioana Carmen
Ioana Carmen
Co-founder Backing Ideas, Primal Y & others
Backing Ideas
Laura Estefania
Laura Estefania
Web3 Comms & Innovation Consultant
Laura Estefania
Dr. Nisheta Sachdev
Dr. Nisheta Sachdev
Managing Director at Luna PR
Silvia Mogas
Silvia Mogas

Resumen de la Sesión

In this inspiring conference, we will spotlight empowered women who are pioneering the crypto world, sharing their success stories and entrepreneurial journeys. We will delve into their challenges, victories, and insights, providing invaluable lessons for newcomers and veterans alike in the crypto space. This session aims to celebrate the achievements of women in crypto, encourage more female participation, and foster a more diverse and inclusive environment. We will have accomplished women leaders, founders, and innovators from the crypto industry who will share their experiences, strategies, and advice on building a successful career in this dynamic and often complex field. This conference is a must-attend for anyone seeking to understand the role and impact of women in the crypto universe.
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