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One Eye Zombie Apes

One Eye Zombie Apes

Artista Referente NFT
This collection consists of 10,000 unique NFTs, each one drawn entirely by hand. Each piece has been carefully created to convey a sense of originality and authenticity. Each NFT is a work of art in itself, with a variability of elements that make it truly special.

Some of the "One Eye Zombie Apes" NFTs are special and numbered editions, meaning there are only a few copies of them. These special editions may be legendary units, part of the golden series, or even have apocalyptic or Ragnarok themes. These exclusive pieces have been created to preserve their identity and special characteristics, adding an element of rarity and value to the collection.

Each "One Eye Zombie Apes" NFT is a true work of art. Each one features stunning line work and color choices that make them stand out. Some pieces even have effects and textures that make them look like paintings on canvas. No matter what your collecting style is, you will find something in this collection that captivates you.

But "One Eye Zombie Apes" is not just about the individual pieces. It is also a journey of growth and development. On our website, we have outlined a detailed roadmap that showcases our goals and objectives as we continue to grow. We are committed to providing collectors with a continuous and exciting experience.


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