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Mejor StartUp del año
🔹Current board: Chainlink, Cointelegraph, Varys Capital, OxCapital, Gotbit
🔹Main tokenization partner of Chainlink under the BUILD program
🔹Key milestones: 18 signed clients since the dApp launch (February 2023), 190 clients in the pipeline, $200M tokenisation value in the pipeline, 62 partnerships agreements signed
🔹Marketing key metrics: 100k total community members, 39k total CRM contracts, 629 average leads per month

#Product - Token Suite
Brickken simplifies the creation, sell and management of tokenized digital assets. Much like Shopify streamlined e-commerce, Brickken provides a comprehensive platform with user-friendly tools and features, making it effortless for companies to self-tokenize and self-manage their digital assets:
🔹Reach the Public with Offers: Accept both crypto and fiat currencies, create a dedicated landing page for selling tokens, review investor KYCs, and monitor your campaign's progress in real-time.
🔹Create Company Digital Assets: Tokenize real-world assets and/or securities, design unique token economy, ensure compliance in any jurisdiction, and deploy digital assets on the blockchain within seconds.
🔹On-Chain Digital Asset Management: Distribute earnings to investors, streamline corporate actions, review analytics to optimize performance, and manage treasuries efficiently.

🔹The team consists of 25 experts with extensive experience in technology, law, finance, and marketing, 11 members of the team are lecturers in universities and business schools, and many have become speakers and given interviews to media outlets.


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